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Our Treatment Of Opioid Use Disorders

At Aegis, we believe that patients should have a voice in their treatment plan. Our patients play an active role in designing what their recovery will look like by working with our clinicians to choose the treatment option best suited for them. This approach gives patients the best chance at success and achieving lasting recovery. 


Prior to treatment, our clients learn the advantages and disadvantages of all available treatment options, including the use of medications. This approach allows our patients the ability to make an informed decision, improving their overall odds of sobriety. Our compassionate team of addiction specialists are equipped to provide long-term support and treatment to prevent relapse.


For people who continually return to using opioids (Opioid Use Disorder), a maintenance approach is often the preferred treatment plan.


It involves substituting a prescribed drug, at a regular dose for an extended period of time. (months or years) rather than decreasing the dose and eventually stopping the drug.

Maintaining opioid users with a regular dose of one of the following medications enables them to regain control of their lives. 

Treatment Options for Opioid Use Disorder

Recovery is Possible

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