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Our Treatment Of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder is one of the most common substance use disorders worldwide. While genetics and personal characteristics may play a part in developing alcohol-related disorders there are other factors that can lead to dependence.


At Aegis, we understand that addiction doesn't discriminate and our team of addiction specialists are ready to provide judgement-free, compassionate care to anyone who has the courage to seek help. 


While Alcohol Use Disorder poses a high risk of relapse, there are several treatment options available to our clients to limit withdrawal symptoms and support long-term recovery. 

Let us help you regain control today.

Snowy Mountain


With professional support, people who struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder have a better chance of maintaining sobriety. Some of the medications used to treat Alcohol Use Disorder are Disulfiram, Naltrexone, and Acamprosate, which can help people maintain lasting recovery.

Maintenance Treatment Options

Recovery is Possible

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