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Effective Treatments for Overcoming Addiction

Recovery is a journey that you don't have to take alone.

Aegis Medical

Telemedicine Addiction Treatment in Michigan

We offer 100% online appointments from the comfort of your home! Our patients never need to visit a clinic to seek treatment.

Get help
from anywhere 

We provide virtual services to anyone seeking recovery in Michigan. With Telehealth services, you can seek recovery from the comfort of your home without the need for office visits.

Most insurance plans accepted

Our online recovery platform accepts most major insurance plans. We also accept payment out-of-pocket via online credit card. Please contact our office to discuss payment options.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Plans

We provide medicated-assisted treatment plans to limit the effects of detox and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Our personalized approach to treatment gives our clients the best chance at a lasting recovery.

Online Perscription Management

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment plans are facilitated by our easy-to-use online prescription management tool. Fill and refill your prescription with the push of a button at the pharmacy of your choice.

We Specialize In

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Snowy Mountains

Accepting New & Transfer Patients

To book an appointment please complete our online form or call 1-888-849-1080. Please note all appointments are virtual from the comfort of the patients home.
Snowy Mountains

Our Mission

Aegis Medical is a symbolic shield for our patients, protecting them from harm and supporting them through their courageous journey to recovery.

Our mission is to eradicate the barrier of stigma surrounding addiction. Aegis Medical provides compassionate support to patients because everyone deserves equal access to quality care.

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